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Posted on 2018/01/28 09:57:35 (January 2018).

[Thursday 25th January 2018]
Nominally bonus day at work today, although as always nothing even remotely in the way of festivities were evident at the office, and there seemed to be a collective feeling among the usual suspects that after the excesses of two years ago it would probably be best to just not do anything.

Erika had a friend round after school, so they had an early "tea" together, leaving Chie and I only needing to provide dinner for the two of us when it was our dinner time. As is often the case we decided as a result to order some Indian food. Later on Chie went to yoga, and when she got back we did a sort of baton pass and I went out to the Pineapple for a late night pint with Jeremy, something of a semi-regular fixture. We are currently discussing the idea of starting a salon, and this evening at the pub we deciding on what sort of format it should take, and trying to come up with potential themes.

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