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Thursday WFH

Posted on 2017/04/29 08:37:07 (April 2017).

[Thursday 27th April 2017]
Fourth day in a row working from home. It continued to be much more pleasant than working at the office.

Went to Bear and Wolf for breakfast with Chie after dropping Erika off at school, where I had their version of avocado on toast of which I am quite fond (despite it having changed on the menu thankfully they were still happy to make it the old way). As a result I didn't go out for lunch unlike the past couple of days, and instead just had a bowl of somewhat instant ramen.

In the evening after Erika's bedtime I attempted to go out for a cocktail in Kentish Town, having read in Time Out or somesuch about one of the local pubs now serving a "gunpowder gimlet", which sounded interest. On arrival at the pub in question though they told me the cocktail bar had closed early that evening due to nobody coming. I often get this feeling about Kentish Town that it occasionally teeters on the brink of becoming a buzzy, exciting part of London, and then fails at the final hurdle.

So instead I just went back home and read more of the Evelyn Waugh and Nancy Mitford letters and became increasingly at how many more orders of magnitude more glamorous and exciting their lives were than mine.

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