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London Marathon and Hedge Trimming

Posted on 2017/04/29 08:37:05 (April 2017).

[Sunday 23rd April 2017]
It was the London Marathon today, and a friend from work was running in it, which seemed like a good excuse to go and sit in the Red Lion on Crown Passage for a bit, having remembered that it opened specially on Sundays for the marathon from the time when Gav ran it. I took Erika with me, and the two of us sat in the pub eating various bar snacks from midday onwards, which was rather lovely, then were met a little later there by Natalie. We then briefly went to see our friend at the finish line, before heading back up North because Erika had a party to attend in the afternoon.

While Chie and Erika were at the party I trimmed the hedge for the first time this year, after which I regretted because I had wasted all my free time on menial chores. I really ought to just pay someone else to do it, especially now the council want to charge us to take garden waste away apparently.

Made a sort of Mediterranean hot pot for dinner, a meal designed to use up lots of odds and ends we had lying around, more because I was too lazy to go out to the shops than out of any sense of frugality. It was actually quite nice, and accompanied by the bottle of "cheap" (only 20 Euros!) Gevrey Chambertin we'd picked up at the Carrefour in Lille last weekend. The wine was a bit astringent to be honest, and being a 2015 may have been better if left a couple of years.

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