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Birthday Planning

Posted on 2017/02/12 11:27:16 (February 2017).

[Wednesday 8th February 2017]
Finally decided on the venue for my upcoming 40th birthday party today - after much deliberation I eventually just went back to the place I'd found for Andrew's party because they do dry hire, and were very easy going etc. So, that done, I sent out the invitations and so on.

Not a very productive day at the office, and decided to just call it quits and leave a bit early. Went to Earth in an attempt to buy things to make a healthy dinner which Erika would like. Recently I've been infected, much to my irritation, by all this recent dogma that actually carbohydrates based on refined grains are bad for you (high glycemic index or whatever). This has been the cause of much consternation for me as a vegetarian, as I've tended to build meals around staples, and also because Erika really likes pasta, rice etc - the two things she's pretty much guaranteed to always eat. She will eventually eat just about anything we put in front of her (as long as it's not spicy) but it usually requires a fair bit of effort on our part to persuade her to finish her plate.

So today as a compromise I bought wholewheat spelt pasta. There's no escaping the fact it isn't as nice as ordinary white pasta - and the inability to get it to a decent al dente texture would no doubt make an Italian weep. However, I just about managed to make a decent dinner out of it, with the addition of a tomato, aubergine, and courgette sauce, a bit of cheese on top, then gratineed under the grill. Erika ate it without much protestation.

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