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Damp and Half a Night Out

Posted on 2017/02/12 11:27:15 (February 2017).

[Monday 6th February 2017]
Living as we do in a flat in a Victorian house, damp seems to be inevitable. We'd noticed a damp patch develop on one of the internal walls last year, initially had an independent damp surveyor come to take a look (having read that damp contractors are notorious for getting you to do a lot of additional work you don't necessarily need), but then subsequently had a very hard time getting anyone to come round to actually do the work. I must have tried to contact about 5 companies in total - admittedly most of them just by email, and not one actually replied. Possibly leading with "I've had an independent damp surveyor" in my email put them off.

Anyway, I renewed my efforts recently and via a combination of phone calls (ugh, it's 2017 etc) and emails managed to get somebody to come and take a look to give us a quote this morning.

In the evening I went for a "quick pint" with a couple of the usual suspects at the Bree Louise. I was left slightly irritated by it - I felt a bit pressured into going along in the first place, inevitably the "quick pint" turned into two or three, and then just at the point where I could no longer get home in time to help out with Erika's bedtime routine the other two declared they were going home to have dinner with their other halves. So I had incurred the debt of a full night out with Chie, having not been able to make any contribution to childcare, but had only really been out for half of the evening.

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