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Posted on 2017/02/12 11:27:14 (February 2017).

[Thursday 2nd February 2017]
First daffodils of the year (actually bought yesterday I think). In addition to tomorrow's setsubun this gave the sense that spring is theoretically on its way, although the weather of late still felt decidedly wintery.

Erika was off school again today. She really didn't seem ill at all by today, but the school had requested all the kids who had suffered with the recent stomach bug to take extra time off to make sure they weren't still infectious.

For lunch, I was in the mood for a veggie burger (a continual source of disappointment - I don't know why I continue to bother). So I went to "Prime Burger" in St Pancras station, where, my Google reviews tell me, I had last visited 5 years ago. It hadn't really changed that much, overall it was still OK at best, but I suppose it satisfied the craving to the extent that it reminded me they are never as good as I think they ought to be.

For dinner, I seemed to be continuing my desire to eat unhealthily, and wanted to eat some kind of pie and mash type setup. I bought a selection of frozen pies etc in Waitrose on the way home, and in the end we had two types of vegetarian sausage rolls and a vegetarian toad in the hole. Again, at best it was OK, but it stopped me wanted to eat this kind of stodge - partly as a result of the reminder it's always a bit mediocre in the end - so I suppose we can say mission accomplished.

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