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Posted on 2016/09/27 22:26:02 (September 2016).

[Sunday 18th September 2016]
I'd felt a little bit guilty about dragging Erika around a vineyard tour yesterday, not exactly high on the list of things four year olds are typically into - although I actually think she managed to enjoy at least some of the day out, and she does seem to like spending time with my friends from work.

Anyway, it seemed fair to let her choose what we should do today, and so of course she opted for that old stalwart the zoo. We only spent a couple of hours there though, and when it came to lunch we agreed it would be nice to eat somewhere outside the zoo. Erika fancied pasta (which is pretty much what she always says when you ask her what she'd like to eat) and so we decided to eat at the pasta place near home, so Chie could come along as well.

It's normally pretty quiet there, but we got there at one of their rare busy times, and had a long wait for our food... then they got the order wrong, so it wasn't a very successful lunch. These things happen though.

We attempted to make up for that with some ice cream at the ice cream place near home, which I'm still a bit unconvinced about, but Erika seems to like it.

Stayed at home for the remainder of the day.

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