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Apple, Hamley's and Shirts

Posted on 2015/10/08 23:45:41 (October 2015).

[Saturday 3rd October 2015]
Stayed in the flat for the morning and after lunch I decided we should finally eat one of the only two apples which grew to full size on our tree. I tried to get Erika excited about the event, and said "Isn't it amazing? We didn't have to buy it in a shop, we grew it in our garden." to which Erika looked unimpressed, and replied "We bought it at the garden centre".

We headed into the centre later on in the afternoon, and Erika fell asleep whilst we were in transit. Having had a bit of a funny stomach last night in this morning (which I think I figured out the next day was in fact a bout of gastroenteritis) I'd skipped lunch, but once we got into the centre I felt like eating. So after briefly popping in to Harvie and Hudson to pick up my made to measure shirts, I went to Shoryu for some ramen whilst Erika napped there with me in her buggy, and Chie went off to do some shopping. Erika woke up when my food arrived and we shared the ramen - they've changed the vegetarian option now, it's now something in a kind of soy milk soup, which probably suited both me in my current state and Erika better than the previous thing they used to do. Also had one of their hakata buns - filled with halloumi - which was tasty but messy.

After that Erika and I went to find Chie, and the three of us went together into Hamley's - we wanted to get Erika some new Play Doh, as recently she'd been enjoying playing with it, and the one she had at home was a bit dried out.

When we got back home Chie made dinner for me and Erika - Japanese curry - while Erika and I played with her new Play Doh. She had mixed all the colours together into a not very appealing grey/turquoise in a matter of minutes. Chie then went out for the remainder of the evening to see her friends gain.

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