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Olivogelo and Dinner with Erika

Posted on 2015/10/08 23:45:41 (October 2015).

[Friday 2nd October 2015]
Popped out to Olivogelo for coffee and gelato in the afternoon.

In the evening Chie had planned to meet up with her friends from her university days who were visiting London from various bits of Europe this weekend. As Chie and Erika had been playing with friends near Victoria in the day time, they came and met me at the end of the working day. Erika had been having too much fun in the afternoon to have her afternoon nap so fell asleep as Chie was carrying her to meet me. After a quick pit stop at my office, Chie headed off to see her friends, and I decided to get the bus with Erika as the tube might be a bit too crowded for her, and there was in fact a single bus which goes from Victoria pretty much all the way home - since it starts at Victoria it's usually easy to get a seat.

I decided to get off in Camden, and try a slightly cheesy looking Italian restaurant I'd had my eye on a bit, checked tablecloths and all. It wasn't particularly great as it turned out, but it dealt with the requirement of dinner. We then got another bus the rest of the way home.

I started to feel rather unwell after that, quite a bad stomach ache, which I think later on that weekend I realised was actually the onset of a spot of gastroenteritis. Managed to get Erika to bed then went to bed myself not that long afterwards.

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