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Alcohol Free Wine

Posted on 2015/07/18 22:14:18 (July 2015).

[Thursday 16th July 2015]
Following Al's stag do I'd decided to have a couple of weeks of complete sobriety. By this point I'd started to get a bit bored of just drinking water with dinner in the evening, so had ordered a case of Eisberg' alcohol free Cabernet Sauvignon, which I received today. As it happened we had Japanese curry for dinner today, not really sure that's the perfect pairing for any wine, let alone alcohol free wine. Nonetheless, while of course it's impossible to remove the alcohol without having an impact on the flavour, this is possibly the best of the alcohol free wines I've tried so far - it definitely does taste winey to begin with, but then the part of the flavour where you'd normally think "ah, boozey!", is instead replaced by "oh, sweet?!". Odd really that alcohol free things always taste sweet somehow, there's no added source of sugar here, they start by making wine and then remove the alcohol, and in fact this has fewer calories than regular wine. Perhaps it's just something psychological.

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