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Posted on 2015/07/18 22:14:16 (July 2015).

[Sunday 12th July 2015]
The girls went out for most of the daytime to go to a farewell party for one of Chie's friends, who was moving to Australia. I had to stay home as Chie had arranged the delivery of our long awaited bedroom cupboards for today. Since we've moved in, most of our clothes which need hanging up have still been residing in the tall cardboard boxes with rails inside which the moving company had given us. The big bedroom was still the one room in the house which looked like we hadn't finished moving in, and I've been really keen for a while to get rid of those last few boxes - until today though there just hadn't been anywhere to put that stuff.

The cupboards finally arrived some time after 1pm, and after quickly popping out for lunch (wasn't really in the mood for cooking and there was hardly anything in the kitchen) I set about assembling them. I haven't really done a lot of flat pack assembly, with the exception of the dining table Chie has assembled most of the things we've bought so far. The cupboards were pretty straightforward though, the only real challenge was that they were quite big and heavy, so probably should have been a two person job, but I managed somehow or other by myself. It was actually quite gratifying to finally put all my much loved suits, jackets, shirts etc in their own dedicate cupboard (Chie had ordered two cupboards, so for the first time we were going to just have one each).

That seemed to occupy the majority of my afternoon, and by dinner time I felt a bit worn out, and again not in the mood for cooking, so I rather lazily suggested we just get Chinese takeaway. At the takeaway - the nearest one to where we live - we had quite a long wait for our food, and to my surprise there was a whole group of young people in front of us all ordering the vegetarian mock crispy duck pancakes - I'd assumed that was a rather obscure menu item that hardly anyone else ever ordered.

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