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Sore Throat and Pizza in the Playground

Posted on 2015/07/18 22:14:15 (July 2015).

[Friday 10th July 2015]
I'd had a bit of a cold this week, which had transformed into a mildly irksome sore throat today. I thought I'd try Jakemans sore throat sweets, which initially tasted foul, but on reflection probably foul in the same way any right thinking person would probably think Laphroaig or Campari taste foul on the first attempt. So I doggedly stuck at them for the afternoon, convinced they were an acquired taste I'd quickly acquire.

Erika's best friend at her nursery was back from a long holiday today, her Mum was very glad when we arrived in the morning as given her extended absence she really wasn't happy to be left there until she saw Erika. This also meant we knew in advance there was no hope of a quick getaway when it was time to pick Erika up in the evening, and she'd want to hang around in the playground next door with her friend for as long as possible. So we thought we should probably just accept that, and eat our dinner in the playground. Chie went to pick Erika up, and I went to a pizza place on the way to nursery to get a couple of pizzas and some pasta to take away. The pizza itself wasn't much to get excited about but Erika and her friend seemed to really appreciate the communal al fresco dining experience. Albeit that perhaps standards of hygiene were not particularly rigorous.

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