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Library and St. John

Posted on 2015/07/18 22:14:14 (July 2015).

[Wednesday 8th July 2015]
I forget why the usual visit to the zoo wasn't on the agenda for mine and Erika's morning together this week, but for some reason we instead ended up just going to our local library. I'd anticipated we'd just read a few books, maybe take one or two home with us. When we got there though there seemed to be a large group of parents (mostly Mums) and toddlers in the children's part of the library, and before we knew it we'd been roped into a sing-a-long. I think Erika probably enjoyed it.

After my late meetings I went for a late dinner with my former manager who was passing through London, and a few other people from work, at St. John in Smithfields. I had almost exactly the same meal as I'd had last time - the vegetarian option was a fennel gratin, and as before my attempt to order some potatoes as a side dish just for me were thwarted by the insistence of the waitress that they be "for the table".

Getting back home proved to be a bit of a challenge as a 24 hour tube strike had commenced this evening. I thought I'd managed to outwit this, planning to get a national rail train from Farringdon to Kentish Town, but although this train service was in fact still running, Farringdon station had to close earlier than usual because of the strike, so irksomely I was standing outside the station as the train passed through, unable to get on it. Eventually managed to get a taxi home.

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