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Playing with Erika

Posted on 2015/07/05 16:49:25 (July 2015).

[Sunday 28th June 2015]
Spent the day just playing with Erika mainly. Didn't really feel like going too far away from home, but started to feel bad in the afternoon that spending the whole day indoors might not be interesting enough for Erika, so the two of us went to catch the end of the last session of the day at a soft play centre we'd been to on Wednesday - it had obviously made a bit of an impression on her.

Whilst on Wednesday morning we'd had the place mostly to ourselves, today it was absolutely heaving with kids, and I instantly regretted it! As Erika is still quite small she needs a bit of help climbing up onto some of the parts, and needs a bit of encouragement with the slides etc, so I don't get to just sit at the side having a coffee like most of the other parents do - I basically have to run round after her. In an almost empty soft play centre that had actually been surprisingly fun, but not so much when it was full of hordes of over excited children as it was this afternoon.

The fact that we only had a short time there before it closed was of course a bit disappointing for Erika, but a great relief to me!

After a bit more playing in the playground next to the soft play centre I managed to persuade her to get into her buggy, and after a bit of a walk round some of the backstreets nearby she did eventually fall asleep, a somewhat later than ideal afternoon nap.

Played with Lego in the evening, I re-assambled the pirate Lego set which had been in bits since we moved, and we had fun mixing bits from that up with the animals from Erika's farm and zoo Duplo sets.

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