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Captain Teddy

Posted on 2015/07/05 16:49:25 (July 2015).

[Saturday 27th June 2015]
The cruise company sent Erika a teddy bear in an attempt to cheer her up over the one she'd lost on the boat - we'd been out when it had been delivered so after cleaning the flat in the morning I went to pick it up. The girls had already gone out to meet up with Iris, our friend from the NCT antenatal course we'd attended in Pimlico.

After picking up captain teddy, I headed to Sloane Square, as I wanted to drop off the trousers from my new summer suit at Boggi, which had rather disappointingly had the button come off on only the second time I'd worn them. Not very impressed. After that I popped into the Duke of Wellington for an unhealthy lunch (cheese, chips and beer) and then went to my office for a bit to do some work.

Later on in I headed into the centre to meet up with Chie and Erika, which proved to be a bit of a challenge due to the Pride Parade. We managed in the end, and went to John Lewis to buy a new set of duvet covers. How exciting!

As it was such a nice day today we decided to eat dinner out in the back garden - something involving pita bread I think.

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