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Natalie's Party

Posted on 2015/06/10 23:08:01 (June 2015).

[Saturday 6th June 2015]
My friend Natalie from work was going to be moving soon, and in a similar way to us was relocating from a quite desirable part of London, to a more affordable and therefore not quite as well heeled neighbourhood. Consequently she'd decided to have a final hurrah in her current neck of the woods - Parson's Green - to which I took Erika along as well (Chie was originally planning to join us but at the last minute decided she'd rather take advantage of the opportunity to have a complete rest).

On the way there, from our bit of North London to Parson's Green required four different tube trains. In a way, with a toddler present, changing trains a lot actually makes the journey easier, as it helps to stave off boredom a bit.

The previous time I'd brought Erika along to what was essentially a party for grown ups (the afternoon on Stave Hill), it had worked surprisingly well. Erika had been on top form, she'd been witty and charming throughout, and didn't seem to mind the lack of other small people. This afternoon didn't work quite as well for some reason, possibly down to the fact there were more people in a more confined space, despite there being other kids there, and I'm not sure she enjoyed herself as much. Ho, hum.

On the way back, we took the overground, which impressively we were able to get on from West Brompton (just two stops on the district line from Parsons Green) all the way to Gospel Oak, which is walking distance from where we live. It was surprisingly busy though, and towards the end Erika got a bit irritable, wanted to have something to eat (I had nothing with me by this point) and there was a bit of a scene.

When we finally got home, Chie had made homemade gnocchi for dinner, which were rather nice.

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