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Pizza Wine

Posted on 2015/06/10 23:06:34 (June 2015).

[Friday 5th June 2015]
Was in the mood for a nice bottle of wine this evening, so on the way home ventured to our local wine merchant and made the usual awkward (and yet it really shouldn't be awkward) request for a vegetarian compatible wine - something not fined with isinglass. For some reason or other I particularly fancied something from the Veneto. Impressively the chap in the shop managed to call the winemaker on the spot (oddly via his Dad, who apparently knew them) to confirm that the wine in question was indeed free of dead animal bits. So I bought a bottle of Inama 'Oratorio di San Lorenzo' Colli Berici Carmenere Riserva 2009. Which, perhaps squanderously for a not-particularly-cheap wine, we had with a takeaway pizza. The pizza was a bit of a disappointment, and to be honest, I wasn't hugely enamoured with the wine - possibly not the wine's fault, but the setting. It was quite a rich, heavy, wintery sort of wine, and just wasn't quite right for the time of year, or the junk food we ate it with.

Also very frustrating this evening was my unsuccessful foray into home automation - I'd bought some smart light bulbs and a controller (in the belkin wemo range), having liked the idea of being able to control the lights in the flat remotely and so on, but after several irritating hours this evening I gave up trying to get the bloody things to work. I'll be sending them back.

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