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Espresso machine

Posted on 2015/04/23 23:35:13 (April 2015).

[Sunday 12th April 2015]
In John Lewis yesterday I'd been eyeing the Sage espresso machines. My coffee connoisseur friend at work had of course recommended the most expensive model, but ultimately so as not to incur the wrath of Chie I'd opted for one less than half the price.

We'd arrived at John Lewis before midday, not fully having registered that they don't properly open until then (or at least they can't sell anything). Oddly though the cafe is still open, so we had an early lunch there, before going and ordering a chest of drawers, and buying the espresso machine. I then excitedly headed straight home to set it up.

I was able to get a fairly decent espresso out of it, with pleasing crema, almost straight away. The really challenging part seems to be using the steam wand, which unlike the more professional machines I've used at work has only a single nozzle, and isn't as powerful. So it somehow seems to just heat the milk up without really frothing it at all. There are videos on the web of people using this machine to make decent looking microfoam, hopefully it just takes practice.

In the evening, Chie's soon-to-be-ex-boss popped in very briefly - he's moving back to Japan, and had some toys his daughter no longer played with to pass on to Erika. So that kept Erika entertained for the remainder of the evening.

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