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Tweed Sofa

Posted on 2015/04/23 23:35:12 (April 2015).

[Saturday 11th April 2015]
The tweed sofa we'd ordered a few weeks back was delivered today. I'd been a little apprehensive how the finished product would look, as we'd just ordered it based on a small cloth sample in a swatch book, but I'm pleased to say it's actually pretty respectable looking, not nearly as outlandish as I thought it might have been.

Although we'd been using the radiator bench as a de facto sofa of sorts, the arrival of the sofa today really transformed the lounge, and made it feel a lot more cosy and, well, like a lounge.

Spurred on by this, we decided we should head out and look at some more dining tables - that being, with the possible exception of bedroom cupboards, the last big piece of furniture we still need to get. We went to the "" showroom in Notting Hill, but we still don't seem to be able to make a decision.

We went for lunch at an Italian restaurant called Portobello, mainly because it was close by and we'd been before, and remembered it being not bad. We then got a bus from Notting Hill back into the centre, did a bit of shopping at John Lewis (I think we bought some new shoes for Erika), and then headed home from there.

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