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Lunch At My Club

Posted on 2015/04/23 23:35:11 (April 2015).

[Thursday 9th April 2015]
I'd heard that the terrace at my club had recently reopened after a period of refurbishment, and since it was also a nice day I thought it would be nice to go and have lunch there. On my first few visits since joining it had always felt a bit dead, to be honest, but I'm forming the conclusion it may just be more of a summer sort of venue. The club has gardens (still being refurbished, almost done I think) which back on to Green Park, and it looks to be a very pleasant spot on a sunny day - I imagine a very nice place for afternoon tea.

The terrace is more of a balcony really, which is attached to the bar, overlooking the gardens, and only has a handful of tables. They just serve a very light menu there - more erring on the side of snacks than full meals - but nonetheless, although not particularly substantial the cauliflower cheese croquettes were very tasty, and the accompanying glass of the house Champagne (Gardet I think, hadn't heard of it before) was very pleasant.

Anyway, definitely the nicest visit to my club so far.

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