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Posted on 2015/02/28 16:01:41 (February 2015).

[Tuesday 24th February 2015]
I got a bit downhearted about the fact that we'd bought a new bed (thinking about it, having always lived in furnished / rented accommodation, with the exception of the very basic futon we had in Japan I've never actually bought a bed before) which was effectively unusable, because the room it was in had no curtains and was too cold.

So, on the way back from work, I diverted by way of Homebase again, and bought curtain rails, and various products to try and improve the insulation in the back bedroom (that naff film you put over windows, and some draught excluder tape). I also spent a while utterly bewildered by the dazzling array of Polyfilla on offer. I'd naively assumed there was just one type, but in fact there seemed to be closer to a dozen, all for slightly different applications. In the end luckily I found "best Polyfilla" and was left wondering why the others existed at all.

Grabbed a quick dinner at Dirty Burger on the way back, then set about an evening of DIY. I started by using "best" Polyfilla to fill in the cracks around the architrave of the door to our flat, which had been caused by having a new door installed. This seemed quite important to get done today as the hallway was going to be repainted, starting tomorrow. I'd never done this sort of thing before, so was quite pleased with my handiwork - even before repainting it looked a lot better.

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