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First Day in the New Flat

Posted on 2015/02/28 16:01:40 (February 2015).

[Saturday 21st February 2015]
First full day in the new flat.

I spent most of the morning furiously trying to ventilate the place, as a result of Erika having been quite unwell overnight. Chiefly I spent getting on for two hours trying to get the windows at the front to open, having been painted shut, apparently even before our recent refurbishment. I employed a pizza slicer and a knife for this purpose, and was eventually victorious, on at least one of the windows, which I determined would probably be good enough for the purpose of ventilation.

Erika seemed to be fine after that first night, so I assume whatever it was either was something entirely unrelated, or indeed was improved by my efforts to get as much air in as possible.

The rest of the day was mostly spent unpacking boxes and trying to introduce some level of sanity to the place. This was of course not helped by the fact that following our (relatively modest) building work, just about every surface - including the inside of drawers - was covered in white dust.

By lunchtime we'd just about unpacked enough kitchen stuff to make a basic meal. So this was the first meal we cooked in the flat - some kind of pasta, I forget exactly what the sauce was.

I think we probably popped out to the nearby shopping street, possibly several times during the day, to buy various odds and ends, but other than that pretty much the entire day was devoted to unpacking.

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