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Goodbye Carpet

Posted on 2015/02/28 16:01:37 (February 2015).

[Thursday 12th February 2015]
Chie took the day off today to take Erika to the doctor for what seemed to be yet another chest infection. She got yet another course of antibiotics.

In a somewhat timely fashion, we'd had an email from Robin yesterday, after I'd mentioned the fact we were planning on having carpets laid in the new place on the 18th, two days before moving in. He questioned whether this was wise, given that, in what turned out to be news to me, apparently carpets, and new carpets in particular, can be really bad for you if you have respiratory problems, because of a combination of VOCs (volatile organic compound) like formaldehyde, dust mites and so on. Given Erika's current illness this rather struck a chord, and I made an executive decision that we wouldn't get carpets in the new flat after all.

So I got in touch with our project manager who rather impressively turned this around in about 24 hours, cancelled the carpets, negotiated for us to get at least some of the money back for them, and ordered wood floors instead. Amazingly it ultimately all got done before we moved in.

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