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Japanese Nursery

Posted on 2015/02/28 16:01:35 (February 2015).

[Saturday 7th February 2015]
Went to an open day of a Japanese nursery in North London in the afternoon. We'd already made up our mind where Erika's new nursery would be after we moved, but I think partly Chie was interested to see what a Japanese nursery would be like, and was also keen to find out if there was any possibility of her doing one day a week there or something (it's a bit of a trek from the new flat, so certainly not something we'd want to do every day).

The open day was a bit of an odd setup - I'd assumed we'd just have a bit of a wander round, maybe a casual chat with the staff, and Erika might play with the toys a bit. Actually though they made a point of separating all the kids from the parents, and having all the parents sit (on comically small chairs for toddlers) and listen to quite a lengthy presentation, whilst listening to the kids - many of whom had never been to a nursery before - screaming for their parents in the next room. Erika, bless her, whilst also not happy about being surreptitiously dumped with strangers for half an hour, at least had the wherewithal to take action, and instructed one of the staff to lift her up so she could see us through a little window between the two rooms. Although we initially had our backs to her, we were alerted to her presence by a familiar little voice saying "Daddy miru" (miru being Japanese for "see"). I was doubly impressed, not just that she was ordering the staff about, but that she was also doing it in the appropriate language for her current environment.

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