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Moving Admin

Posted on 2015/02/01 15:59:49 (February 2015).

[Monday 26th January 2015]
Got several bits of moving admin out the way today (although for every item I tick off the list I seem to discover two more to add on to it). Still, I felt briefly satisfied at the progress today - most significantly I managed to sort out our internet connection at the new place.

Also made a decision on the carpet for the new place today - it's really quite dull (beige, it always ends up being beige) but hopefully that'll make it inoffensive and easier to sell the place when the time comes. The decision was helped somewhat by happy circumstance of happening to check the company's website and notice a "flash sale" or some such, which overall will save us about 500. Considering how so many of the other costs associated with our refurbishment work inevitable crept up beyond the initial estimates (bloody firehoods!), it's nice to have it go the other way round for a change.

In the evening as always I fancied Chinese food, it being a Monday, and went to the only Chinese takeaway in our current neighbourhood. It was rather disappointing. I've probably gone on about this to the point of utter tedium but I'm continually bewildered at the lack of takeaways where we currently live - there seem to be a lot more in the new area we'll be moving to next month. Although I suspect this isn't really something to be celebrated too much, as I have the impression it's actually one of a number of indicators of a less well to do part of town.

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