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Posted on 2015/01/25 15:37:48 (January 2015).

[Friday 23rd January 2015]
Chie had a busy day with Erika today, with both a dentist and ophthalmologist appointment for her in the morning. She apparently did not like having eyedrops put in at all.

After that the girls came to my office for lunch, which was nice, although unfortunately now Erika knows there's ice cream ay my office and it was therefore very hard to persuade her to eat anything else.

Today was annual bonus day at work, and felt particularly good about it this year, as until now pretty much all the money has always just been set aside for buying a flat. Whilst on the one hand I accept this is of course never ending - owning one property just makes you think about buying the next, larger, nicer place - nontheless I felt a greater sense of freedom this year and felt justified to fritter away at least some of it in any manner I chose to.

On that note I gathered together a few of the usual suspects at work this evening and popped a few corks to celebrate. Having moved desks recently we improvised a large ice bucket from one of the moving crates, which was rather satisfying. As has become something of an occasional tradition at these crass binges of excess, we rounded off the evening with pizza at Oliveto which was excellent as always.

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