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Clothes Storage System

Posted on 2015/01/25 15:37:47 (January 2015).

[Tuesday 20th January 2015]
We'd decided to do away with the "clothing system" in the back bedroom of the new flat, since the room is pretty tiny, and we want to try and squeeze a double bed in there. We'd originally thought about selling it, but I was put off by the idea of having to deal with a complete stranger, so instead offered to give it away for free on one of the mailing lists at work, on the basis that whoever took it would come and dismantle and collect it.

So after first popping home to make dinner for the girls I then got on the tube and met the woman from work who was going to take it, and rather charmingly had brought her Dad along to help dismantle it. It took a bit longer than I'd originally expected - just over an hour.

I spotted a couple of bits of progress while I was there, the ceiling has been replaced where the partition wall was removed (the hallway and lounge ceilings were different heights, so a small section has been raised) and also the bath tub had arrived. The bathroom is still very much an empty shell though (and also has a bit of an unpleasant whiff to it).

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