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Rush Hour

Posted on 2015/01/16 22:18:34 (January 2015).

[Thursday 8th January 2015]
Had to go to the new flat early in the morning to let an electrician in to do a survey of the electrical installation (Robert had recommended this when they came to visit in November). Consequently this meant I then got to experience what will, as of next month, be my morning commute - and it was quite horrendous. I waited at our nearest station as about four Northern line trains passed which I couldn't get on because they were already packed full. Then changing at Euston I waited as about 10 passed. It was apparently not entirely representative, as apparently the Piccadilly line was closed today, which sent a lot of extra passengers onto the Victoria line instead. Plus of course I probably wouldn't typically be travelling in before 9, as presumably I'll be dropping off at the new nursery in the mornings like I do at the current one.

Still, those things aside it was rather demoralising, and just another item to add onto the list of reasons for why I'm frankly not really looking forward to moving.

In the evening, I rather unusually made a tagine for dinner. I say unusually, in fact I don't think I've ever made one before. The main motivation was that we have loads of cous cous in the cupboards, and I'm trying my best at present to things up before we move. I took a quick look on the web for recipes before embarking, and it seemed like the key ingredient was prunes - in addition to that I added some chickpeas, courgettes and peppers. It came out reasonably well I thought.

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