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New Year's Eve

Posted on 2015/01/16 22:17:13 (January 2015).

[Wednesday 31st December 2014]
Chie had decided to go into work today, I think partly because she'd heard that people in her office typically get sent home after lunch on New Year's Eve, so it seemed a bit of a waste to take a day's holiday. So I stayed home with Erika in the morning, then we went together to the city around lunchtime to meet Chie.

We had lunch with a friend of hers from work at a place called Bad Egg which we uniformly agreed was not very good - the food was all ridiculously over salted, and some of the portion sizes were a bit pathetic. This put me in a bit of a grumpy mood.

From there we went to the Museum of London for a bit of a look around, mainly because we'd heard there was a Paddington exhibition on at the moment, although this proved to be rather tiny - just one little corner of a room as far as we could tell. Still, various random other things in there proved entertaining for Erika one way or another.

After that we went to the new flat for a little bit, although I forget why now, and then headed back home again.

We'd thought about possibly going out to see the fireworks, but ultimately decided we couldn't be bothered, so just stayed in and watched them on the telly instead.

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