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Boxing Day

Posted on 2015/01/02 10:59:59 (January 2015).

[Friday 26th December 2014]
We'd had a chap from Wickes come round recently to give a quote for a bathroom refit at the new flat, and they'd suggested that we then go to the store soon after that to choose the particular fixtures and fittings we wanted. I decided in the end it might be a bit more effective to just delegate this task to Chie, on the basis I'd instead look after Erika for the morning, given that she's not really the sort of toddler who'll just sit quietly and patiently in her buggy while her parents are trying to have a long drawn out conversation in a shop.

So meanwhile I took Erika into the centre attempting to buy Christmas presents for all the people we hadn't seen over Christmas, and would be planning to see in Devon when we headed down there tomorrow. I ended up buying mostly books, not the book shops were among some of the only things open - whilst the more modern flashy department stores like Selfridges were open, the more traditional ones like Fortnum and Mason weren't.

Met up with Chie at Tibits for lunch, after which we swapped over parental duties so I could finish off my shopping.

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