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Posted on 2014/12/06 20:22:35 (December 2014).

[Saturday 6th December 2014]
I actually managed to sleep a bit last night (although the little girl in the next bed, poor thing, was having a bit of a rough time of it and did keep us awake for a while at various points during the evening). More importantly, Erika had slept really well too. In the middle of the night at one point when she'd been woken up by the girl in the next bed, she looked at me and smiled, then went back to sleep. It was as though she knew she was better too, and that we'd be going home. It was really lovely.

It did of course take quite a while to actually get out of the place - first we had a long wait for the doctors to do their rounds, then there was a brief hiccup in that Erika had quite a high pulse when they did the final observations, and then there was the usual long wait for her prescription to arrive... but eventually we made it out by about 2pm, by which time Mum had also come and met us at the hospital. So the four of us got in a taxi and headed back to Pimlico together.

When Mum had originally planned this trip to London we'd assumed we'd be taking her to see the new flat, but given the events of this week we instead just had a quiet afternoon in with her in Pimlico, with tea and macarons to begin with, then a glass of Champagne a bit later on. Mum then gave us a hand giving Erika her bath, before heading off at 5:15 to go and catch her train.

Having dined almost solely on takeaways this week I was actually quite looking forward to cooking, although it proved to be a bit of a challenge as Chie fell asleep, and Erika did her useful trick of demanding to be cuddled the whole time while I was trying to cook. Thus it ended up being a rather basic meal - just some pasta with broccoli in a cheese sauce - but it was nice to have some home cooking nonetheless.

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