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Friday in Hospital

Posted on 2014/12/06 20:22:35 (December 2014).

[Friday 5th December 2014]
I got a taxi back to the hospital first thing in the hope I'd be met with news that Erika had had a great night's sleep and would be getting discharged tonight. Alas that was not to be, and her oxygen saturation had once again been dropping below where they wanted it to be in her sleep. When we saw a doctor today she did seem to be close to letting us go home, and I was doing my best to persuade her, but Chie was not exactly on message and ultimately she decided we'd have to remain incarcerated for another night.

Chie went home to sleep towards the end of the morning and I spent a lot of time with Erika in the playroom, she seemed to be particularly into painting today. We'd gained some neighbours the previous evening - a little Swedish girl who was the same age as Erika and had a similar condition - so they spent a bit of time getting to know each other today, which was nice.

For dinner both Chie and I had decided we fancied curry, and I was surprised to discover that actually there wasn't an Indian restaurant anywhere to be seen on the stretch of Fulham Road round the hospital. Apparently people in Chelsea don't really go in for that sort of thing. So I walked North a bit to what I suppose would be the borders of Kensington, and got some take away from Noor Jahan there, I think part of the same chain as the one Gav likes in Bayswater.

It occurred to me on the way back to the hospital that being an patient here actually meant we'd effectively become Chelsea residents for the week. For free.

Chie seemed quite tired and not in the best of moods in the evening, so I volunteered to resume my role of staying in hospital overnight again tonight, so Chie could go home and get a decent night's sleep.

I think I'd started to become a bit philosophical about the whole thing by this stage, and was just prepared to accept that if the sodding oximeter was going to spend the night beeping, and we'd have to stay yet another night, then so be it.

As it happens though, this was not the case. Erika had obviously turned a corner today - I guess the antibiotics she'd started on Wednesday had really started to kick in properly - and her oxygen saturation level remained at 94 or 95 throughout the night. That infernal machine didn't beep once.

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