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Thursday in Hospital

Posted on 2014/12/06 20:22:34 (December 2014).

[Thursday 4th December 2014]
Again Chie arrived at the hospital first thing to relieve me from the night shift. This time I already knew we wouldn't be going home today, even before we'd seen the doctor. Again I headed home for a bit in the morning, had a shower, and a sleep (this time for a whole two hours I think) before heading back to the hospital again.

The rest of the daytime passed in a bit of a blur, and by this point it was getting difficult distinguishing one day from the next. The one slight deviation from the normal routine was that we gave Erika a bath - she hadn't had one since Sunday night so it was a bit overdue. She seemed to quite enjoy this surprisingly.

I went and got pizza for dinner from Rossopomodoro this evening - a chainI 'm quite fond of which I was pleased to see has a branch across the road rom the hospital.

After Erika went to sleep, on the assumption that I'd be staying overnight again, Chie gave me a bit of time off to go out and have a drink. I had a pint at a pub called the Hollywood Arms, which I think had featured on Made in Chelsea, followed by a Negroni at a bar called Bacchus Lounge, which appeared to be attempting to bring the recent Italian "aperitivo" concept to London, although despite some talk of it the accompanying nibbles for my drink never actually arrived. I didn't particularly mind since I'd already had dinner.

Somehow despite that we ended up deciding that Chie would actually stay overnight tonight instead, so I went home for a much appreciated proper night's sleep.

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