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Erika Ill

Posted on 2014/12/06 20:22:15 (December 2014).

[Monday 1st December 2014]
Erika had a bad night the night before, with a fever which hadn't really improved siginficantly despite the usual application of Calpol and Nurofen, and clearly wasn't well enough to go t nursery. I was conducting an interview in the morning, and Chie had a seminar to go to in the afternoon, so we decided to each stay at home for half a day accordingly to fit around those constraints.

We didn't really give it that much thought at the time to be honest - Erika having colds and fevers and being off nursery was a fairly routine occurrence, and other than the fact her fever hadn't come down significantly with medicine, it wasn't really that much different to normal. Although she did seem quite clingy and didn't really want to play or do anything, which was a bit worrying. That coupled with the fact she was quite bad overnight tonight as well made us decide we should take her to see the doctor first thing the next day.

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