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Saturday with Robin and Robert

Posted on 2014/11/30 16:48:53 (November 2014).

[Saturday 29th November 2014]
Robert had an exacting shopping schedule for the daytime today, and Chie had decided to tag along with him for a few hours at the start. Meanwhile Robin and I, with Erika in tow, planned to go to see the new flat, by way of Peter Jones so we could buy a new microwave, and take advantage of Robin having his car with him to transport it there.

Getting across London from Sloane Square to Kentish Town took ages - over an hour in the end. Although on the plus side we did have a nice "scenic" run through many of the posher parts of London, and Erika quite happily had a nap in her car seat in the back. Unfortunately this meant Erika was then awake when we got to the new flat so it was a bit of a challenge to have a chat with Robin about his suggestions for the place whilst Erika, bless her, was busily competing for our attention.

After that we went for a late-ish lunch at a cafe, where Chie joined us (it had taken her considerably less time to get across London by tube), and we then went back to the flat for a further inspection.

Robin had bought us some mugs in Peter Jones, and also donated a spare kettle he'd had at home, so we rather satisfyingly walked around with a mug of tea in hand.

Just after 4 we decided we should probably head back, mindful it would probably take a fair while to get across London again, so Robin could check into their hotel for this evening and have a chance to relax for a bit there before dinner. To ensure their trip to London was a bit of a treat I'd arranged for them to stay at the Goring, particularly as they'd largely come at my request, having felt in dire need of help for figuring out what to do with our new flat.

The five of us had dinner together at Noura, conveniently just round the corner from the Goring, where we did our best to try and make sure Erika was well behaved, but ultimately she didn't want to stay sitting at the table and instead preferred to wander round outside.

It initially went home with the girls after dinner, but then headed back again to the Goring after that for a drink with Robin and Robert in the bar there which made for a very pleasant finish to the day.

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