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Posted on 2014/11/30 16:48:50 (November 2014).

[Friday 21st November 2014]
Friday is the day of the week Chie takes off work, and Erika is off nursery, so they can spend the day together. Today though apparently Erika was being really hard work, and Chie was feeling particularly worn down. Poor Erika has had a lot to contend with this week, what with jetlag, adjusting to being back in the UK and at nursery, and on top of that having had a stomach bug earlier in the week. So she was pretty out of sorts.

I got a call from Chie at lunchtime asking if I could come home and help out for a bit. So Erika and I played lego for a bit whilst Chie went and had a nap, then I took her out to the playground to burn off some energy. In the playground there's a little chair and tables, with what looks a bit like a serving attach nearby, which Erika was pretending to be her cafe. So afterwards I took her to a real cafe in Pimlico for a Babycino and a bit of carrot cake. She started to finally look sleepy after that, so I put her back in her buggy, and sure enough she fell asleep on the way back home. I deposited her in her buggy at the flat, dozing happily, and Chie continued to have her nap too. I then went back to work feeling pretty pleased with myself.

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