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New Flat

Posted on 2014/11/30 16:48:48 (November 2014).

[Tuesday 18th November 2014]
At lunchtime Chie and I met in Kentish Town and went to the new flat for a quick look around. There were lots of the previous owner's things still hanging around, and it was generally a bit of a mess, which to be honest made me a bit depressed - all the effort (and money!) which had gone into buying this place to culminate in this rather unpleasant anti-climax. They had arranged for it to be deep cleaned on Wednesday, and would be coming back to pick up the rest of their things before then (odd really, considering we now owned it) so we probably should have just waited until after then to come and see it. Oh well.

Had ribollita for dinner.

In what I hope is an entirely unreleated incident to the above, Erika was sick repeatedly in the night - I guessed she'd probably picked up a bug on her way back from Japan or something. So Chie in particularly hardly slept overnight, spending most of it with Erika sat on the kitchen floor.

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