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We Bought a Flat

Posted on 2014/11/30 16:48:48 (November 2014).

[Monday 17th November 2014]
Back to work in London today, and Erika went off back to nursery. I thought she might kick up a bit of a fuss, but seemed to actually go back quite happily.

Late on Friday, whilst we were still in Tokyo, I'd had an email from our solicitor telling us they finally had all the necessary paperwork to proceed to exchange, and, in fact, we could actually complete the sale on the same day. I hadn't been able to respond in time before it was too late in the day for them, and thought it was probably all a bit hasty anyway, so we'd agree to pick it back up again on Monday morning.

So this morning I had an email asking me for the final go ahead, and on replying yes and clicking submit I guess that meant we were now home owners.

There were a few final bits of administrivia to address after that, some final questions about fixtures and fittings, and we also had to hurriedly arrange buildings and contents insurance (for which I expect we paid over the odds). Nice to finally have it all done and dusted - it had taken three months in the end.

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