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Flying Back to London

Posted on 2014/11/30 16:48:46 (November 2014).

[Saturday 15th November 2014]
We checked out of the Grand Hyatt in the morning and got the coach to Narita Airport. It's slow but it's convenient - it goes straight from the hotel to the terminal, and somebody else loads and unloads our luggage for us.

We had a little bit of time in the airport before take off, so did a bit of shopping - there was apparently a big refurbishment of the shopping area earlier this year and it did actually seem to be quite good now. Plus we had a strange sort of early lunch around 11am. I saw somebody else ordering a beer so deemed it would be fine if I did the same.

Erika was very well behaved on the flight as far as I recall (am writing this over three weeks later) - I don't think there were any tantrums or outbursts and she actually managed to sleep for a few hours, so we could watch some films.

I think we landed some time between 4 and 5pm, I don't recall when exactly. We managed to get through the airport very quickly, but had decided to go back by coach (as again we had lots of luggage to contend with and it seemed like it might be easier) so we had a bit of a wait for that. Erika slept on the coach for some of the journey.

On arrival at Victoria coach station we went to get a taxi, even though it's only a 15 minute walk there was no way we could manage with all our luggage. The taxi driver was really grumpy and unpleasant about this, telling me he'd been waiting in the taxi rank for an hour or something. I couldn't help but wonder whose problem that was? I rather wish now we'd just told him to bugger off and got in another taxi instead. We didn't tip him.

Had dinner on arrival at home - I forget what - then we all pretty much went straight to bed after that I think.

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