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Friday in Tokyo

Posted on 2014/11/16 07:41:36 (November 2014).

[Friday 14th November 2014]
Last day of the trip. I was working in my company's Tokyo office in the daytime, and in the morning I was treated to some rather nice views of Mount Fuji again.

In the afternoon I had an overwhelming urge to go for one last drink at the vending machine bar, knowing that I wouldn't be able to make it there in the evening. So I popped there very briefly for one last can of Sapporo - for this trip at least - before then returning to the office.

In the evening Chie wanted to go out with her friends so I looked after Erika. Having no real means of preparing food at our hotel room that meant me and Erika went out for dinner together, just the two of us. Whilst I've done this a few times in the UK, I have a better sense there of which sorts of places are OK to take kids too and which aren't. In Japan things are a bit different - a lot fewer places seem kid compatible. So I played it safe, and we went to a "famiresu" (short for "family restaurant) - a branch of the Saizeriya chain which I'd spotted not too far from the hotel. Therein Erika and I ate ridiculously cheap pasta dishes. Rather nicely at the table next to ours was a Mum with her two daughters, who were half Japanese / half Dutch, and we chatted to them a bit which helped to keep Erika entertained.

After that we headed back to the hotel and I put Erika to bed.

I got an email from our solicitor during the evening to say that we'd actually finally received the necessary paperwork to complete the purchase of our flat, and he was asking for the final go ahead from me to proceed. However I dithered over it for a little while, and didn't really want to give the final nod without Chie being around, and by the time I'd procrastinated a bit it was too late in the day back in the UK to get it all done anyway. So I said we'd revisit Monday morning when I was back in London.

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