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Michelin Starred Cheese Sandwich

Posted on 2014/11/02 20:10:19 (November 2014).

[Tuesday 28th October 2014]
At the start of this month I'd told the solicitors and estate agents that I'd like to aim to complete the purchase by the end of October, partly just because having some kind of time frame to work made it seem less like it would just rumble along indefinitely, but also because me being in Japan for some of November would make various things more difficult. I'd rather hoped all the loose ends would be tied up by this point, but there were still some outstanding enquiries, and today I decided I was fed up waiting, and told our solicitor to just push ahead without them. So today began a flurry of banking activity to get all our funds in order.

My old boss was in London this week (quite a few people working on the new project he's involved in are based in London which is good as it means he seems to end up here once every few months). The original plan seemed to be for me to join in on their team outing, but for one reason or another that didn't work out, and I ended up staying late at the office, then going for a Michelin starred cheese sandwich with my old boss and his brother at St. John. We both seem to be fans of the surprisingly unfussy cheese sandwich served in the bar there. It's not deconstructed or re-interpreted or anything like that, it's just a fairly straightforward cheese sandwich. We also managed to get some madeleines which were delightful as ever.

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