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Loose Change

Posted on 2014/08/30 23:38:55 (August 2014).

[Saturday 30th August 2014]
For the past few years I've developed a bad habit of just emptying out my pockets onto the window sill at the end of the day, and can seldom be bothered to pick up loose change again the next morning. Consequently I'd developed a fairly unwieldy pile of coins which Chie had often suggested I do something about. Spurred on in part by the temporary cash crunch as a result of our potential flat purchase, today I decided to finally sort it out - so this morning we gathered up all the coins, sorted it into the different denominations, and took it to the bank. It was a tad embarrassing to be honest, as there were lots of other people in the branch on Kings Road doing proper modern / grown-up type transactions involving debit cards and filling in forms, whilst I was busily asking to pay in the contents of my piggy bank.

The grand total was about 77 quid.

After that we went to Peter Jones to buy Erika a new pair of shoes, as we had the impression the current ones were getting a bit small for her (and we were right). Then Chie had planned to meet up with a friend, so I took Erika off for a bit in an attempt to get her to doze off in her buggy and have her afternoon nap, which proved quite hard work.

Eventually we ended up at the Waitrose in Belgravia, and I bought things for dinner. The person in front of me at the checkout spent 755. Particularly in light of having earlier in the day gone to the bank to pay in a bag full of pennies, I really felt like a pauper.

Walking around Sloane Square and Belgravia today was a little bittersweet, given the distinct possibility that we could be moving away from the area by the end of the year.

Made a moussaka for dinner which came out particularly well.

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