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Sell Sell Sell

Posted on 2014/08/30 23:18:03 (August 2014).

[Friday 29th August 2014]
Actually quite a momentous day, although perhaps not very interesting to write about. As a result of our potential flat purchase I would need to sell a bunch of the company stock which makes up part of my income, and as this was the last day before the trading window closed (and at least in theory we might be in a positon to complete on the purchase of the flat before it reopened), it probably had to be today. In fact this would be the biggest stock sale I've done to date - and therefore the single biggest financial transaction of any kind of my life so far. I ultimately hit "sell" just a minute or two before leaving the office at 5pm, with a beer in hand (from my very brief attendance of TGIF today). It's best not to take these things too seriously, I find.

Also got the report from the survey we'd had commissioned on the flat we're hoping to buy today. A bit surprised that took a whole week to be delivered (the survey was carried out last Thursday) but I suppose it's still progress.

Chie went out for the evening, so I had a very quiet evening in looking after Erika. I sort of felt some kind of fizzy drinks ought to be involved, to mark the large sale of stock, but perhaps any such celebratory activity is best held off until when/if we actually complete on the deal for this flat.

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