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Well Organised

Posted on 2014/08/30 23:18:02 (August 2014).

[Wednesday 27th August]
Got up early this morning and booked the TGV for our trip to Monaco. In light of our potential flat purchase we had considered cancelling the trip altogether, but I later discovered I'd actually paid in full in advance for the hotel, and besides, given the crappy weather of late and the fact Chie often gets a bit down around this time of year with the change of the seasons, it seemed like a long weekend in the sun was still a good idea.

Also sent off all the initial paperwork to our conveyancing solicitor for our embryonic flat purchase this morning. Felt satisfyingly organised.

Got a new phone today - a Moto G 4G. I'd managed to smash the screen on the previous one in Greenwich the weekend before last, and I could feel the little shards of glass making tiny cuts on my thumb. It turned out that it cost about the same to just get a brand new phone as it would have done to have the screen replaced, albeit that this is a less fancy phone than the Nexus 5 I had before.

There had been some vague talk of possibly going out in the evening amongst the usual suspects at work, but it ultimately didn't materialise. So instead I picked up Chinese takeaway on the way home - somehow I couldn't quite bring myself to cook having initially thought I'd be going out. Whilst waiting for the takeaway to be cooked I popped next door to the interesting tailors which I often look in the window of, but never go in. On impulse I bought a very reasonably priced jacket in their sale, although later on felt a bit guilty given the cash crunch we're currently experiencing as a result of the flat purchase.

Later on in the evening I booked the Eurostar for our Monaco trip, still a bit in two minds as to whether it was an unnecessary extravagance given the other demands on our cash right now, but I'm sure it'll all work out.

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