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Sunday in Devon

Posted on 2014/08/30 23:13:04 (August 2014).

[Sunday 24th August 2014]
Stayed in at Dad's house for the morning (rather a busy time of the week for him!) and called Jiji/Baba (Chie's parents) on Skype. Had quite a long chat with them, including sharing our news of the potential flat purchase, to which their reaction was simply "osoroshii" (which I took to mean scary, given the sums involved etc).

I made a good old lentil and tomato soup for lunch, which was ready for when Dad got back from his morning duties. It seemed to be well received, but I ought to have made double the quantity.

After lunch we went out to Teignmouth, initially just so we could go to the Waitrose there, but once there we thought we might as well go for a walk along the seafront. Not particularly nice weather today - it stayed dry while we were out, but felt really quite chilly. Still, undeterred we sat on the beach outside the Ship Inn for a bit, and whilst the grown-ups had a drink Erika had a bit of a play in the sand. Oh and we ate some Scampi Flavoured Fries (they're vegetarian) - they're still fascinatingly horrible and yet weirdly moreish.

Back at the house in the evening Dad made toad in the hole for dinner, and we were joined by Janie's Mum Nora.

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