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Off to Devon

Posted on 2014/08/30 22:43:50 (August 2014).

[Friday 22nd August 2014]
Went into work early this morning as I'd be leaving early this afternoon, by way of Victoria station where I picked up the train tickets, and got a new Family and Friends railcard. I bought a pen to fill in the form. It occurred to me it had been quite a while since I actually bought a pen (although on further thinking maybe only two years ago, in Vancouver airport).

Left work early so we could catch the latest train out of Paddington before the peak period starts, and tickets get a lot more expensive. Chie brought along some edamame for the journey, which Erika thoroughly enjoyed deshelling and eating.

On the little connecting train from Exeter onwards one of the passengers had a snake. Not in a cage or anything, he was just holding it in his hands. That was a little surprising.

Arrived at the station nearest to Dad's house at 6:42, and were met on the platform there. Headed back to Dad's house where he made an of interesting assortment of vegetable dishes for dinner, almost all of which with vegetables from his allotment.

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