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To Abergavenny

Posted on 2014/07/21 22:56:02 (July 2014).

[Friday 18th July 2014]
The last few times we'd been to Abergavenny to visit Vera and Robin we seemed to have fallen into a pattern of only staying Saturday night, as the prospect of travelling on a Friday evening seemed a bit daunting. The trouble is that ends up meaning we only really spend 24 hours or so there, so this time instead we decided to take Friday afternoon off work to travel (actually Chie is off work on Friday anyway).

We arrived in Abergavenny at 4pm, Robin picked us up from the station and took us back to the house, where we had a very pleasant afternoon tea out on the terrace. The weather was quite hot today but regardless (hot) tea was forthcoming and gratefully received.

We popped out to Waitrose before dinner (Robin wanted to buy an orange and a lemon, and ended up spending 30), and I bought a bottle of Dubonnet, with which I later on made what I'm dubbing a Queen Mother Negroni, swapping out the usual sweet vermouth for the Dubonnet. It made for an interestingly fruity drink.

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