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Paddington with Andy and Ribollita

Posted on 2014/07/12 07:16:08 (July 2014).

[Saturday 28th June 2014]
In the morning I took Erika out for a bit, while Chie had another appointment at the optician. I'd planned to go to the nice little playground by the Houses of Parliament, but on arrival was rather dismayed to find it was all fenced off and had turned into a building site. Unfortunately Erika had seen the swings though, and from that point was quite determined to have a go on a swing. So I looked at the map to see where the nearest playground might be, and decided to head over the river to one in Lambeth. On arrival, it promptly started raining. So overall our outing was not very successful.

Andy was passing through London again, on his way back to Japan, so we got together for a while this afternoon. We met at Paddington station (he'd be staying in Marlow) and went to two of the pubs in the station, before eventually mustering the enthusiasm to leave the station and go ever so slightly further afield.

Our mini crawl extended to two further pubs - the Victoria and the Windsor Castle. We were joined en route by some of Andy's friends from a Japanese course he'd done before he left London, one of whom I found a bit irritating, if I'm honest.

I headed home around 5:30 so I could help out with dinner. As we had some leftover bread which was on its way to going stale, I decided to try and make some ribollita, like the one I'd rather enjoyed in Pisa. I couldn't find cavolo nero in the supermarket so used spring greens instead, but it actually came out quite well. The bread was Gail's Sourdough which was well suited to this sort of thing, it still retained some texture in he soup and didn't just disintegrate entirely.

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