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Pesto, Twineham Grange and Gavi

Posted on 2014/06/09 22:16:13 (June 2014).

[Saturday 7th June 2014]
Erika and I went along to the Dads and toddlers group at our local library this morning. Unfortunately it wasn't the same person doing the singing etc as last time, so Erika didn't seem quite as engaged, and wandered off from the group at various points to go and look at the books instead. Still, it was nice to do something together noneless.

Had a very nice lunch when we got back - pasta with pesto, Twineham Grange, and Cortese di Gavi wine.

Erika dozed off in her bouncer for quite a large chunk of the afternoon, and Chie went out to an opticians appointment half way through, so I ended up not leaving the flat the rest of the day.

Made Indian food in the evening - it's quite a challenge making something that is interestingly spicy enough for mine and Chie's taste, but mild enough for Erika to eat. The mutter paneer was quite successful in that regard, as actually it's quite nice without much other flavouring - I just put some turmeric and asafoetida in it. The dal came out quite well, although looked a bit too non descript for Erika to be interested in, and the sag aloo wasn't particularly successful today. I think this is part of the reason I always end up making several curries when we have Indian food - at least one of them is always a bit of a disappointment.

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