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Burrito in the Park, Sushi in the Garden

Posted on 2014/06/09 22:16:13 (June 2014).

[Friday 6th June 2014]
Really nice weather today. As a combination of that and the fact I was having a rather crappy week, I was really keen to get out of the office at lunchtime. So Kyle and I ventured out and took a stroll past Buckingham Palace, down the mall a bit, past St. James's Palace and along Crown Passage to try the new branch of Adobo, a chain of burrito places. Despite having been slightly underwhelmed by the one nearer to Victoria, I was oddly fascinated by something as "modern" as Mexican food amidst the ancient Georgian surroundings of the lovely Crown Passage. On arrival we found they'd ran out of ice, which gave the perfect excuse for a quick shandy outside the Red Lion.

Ate the actual burrito in St. James's Park. I think it was an improvement on the one from the Victoria branch, although that could have been largely down to the setting.

Continued the al fresco dining theme in the evening, I picked up some middle-of-the-road sushi from the Wasabi in Victoria station on the way home, which we ate out in the gardens. Erika then proceeded to blow some bubbles for after dinner entertainment. Which was all rather lovely.

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